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 After-sales Service

A famous saying says,“The real promotion is in the after-sales, but not in the pre-sales”.
In the strong competition of modern commercial world, the after-sales service has become one of the most important factors in evaluating the image, reputation and competitiveness of the products.

In order to let our users use our products in a relieved mood, protect our users’ interests, help them maintain the regular performance of their equipment and the regular proceeding of their production and operation, consolidate and strengthen their trust in our products, as well as maintain the reputation of our products, our company established the AFTER-SALES SERVICE DEPT. in particular for the following services to the products sold.

We have a deep understanding that users’ interests are our own interests. Care for our users’anxiety is our duty. We observe the rules for handling the after-sales problems: Always care about the after-sales using conditions of the products; upon receiving from users any reflection of product problems, at the first time dispatch professionals to the site for inspection, analysis, then quickly feedback the matters to the manufacturer and cooperate with them to find out the best solution, finally, according to the practical situation dispatch our experienced engineers and technicians to the site for solving the problems.

As the China Service Centre of TCM Corporation, we have achieved praise from the manufacturer and our users in our after-sales. With our arrangement, the foreign manufacturers dispatch their professionals to China every year for provision of technical training and seminar to our users, as well as site inspection and solving problems or tough problems of users’ facilities, we are providing free maintenance services and technical consultation within the guarantee period of the products we sold.

Years’ experiences come with our remarkable achievement in helping our users solve all sorts of after-sales problems. We feel proud of this, and this is where our self-confidence lies in.

After Service Hotline: 86-755-26817668
E-mail: [email protected]