Sui Hing gains dealership of "Huanghe Terminal Tractor"  
With our years' experiences,we can also supply the following.equipments and spare parts for chinese users in port.
* 各式工业轮胎、工程轮胎;
All kinds of industriol tgres & earthmover tyres,
* 各式轮胎辅助件及工具;
A full range of tyre accessories and tools,
* 日本安川(Yaskawa)港口电气控制元件;
Yaskawa electric-control parts,
*  日本明电舍(Meidensha)电气控制元件;
Meidensha electric-control parts,
*  日本古河(Furukawa)工程机械设备及备件;
Furukawa engineering machinery and parts,
*  日本日立电缆;
Hitachi cable,
*  日本川崎(Kawasaki)工程机械设备及备件;
Kawasaki engineering machinery and parts,
*  日本KOKOKU钢丝绳;
Kokoku wire,
*  日本三菱重工推耙机及零备件;
Mitsubishi Two-way dozer and parts,
*  日本三菱叉车备件;
Mitsubishi Forklift Parts,
*  日本住友建机UC-25轮胎吊备件;
Sumitomo Wheel Crane Parts,
*  日本TADANO及KATO汽车吊及备件;
Tadano & Kato Truck Crane and Parts,
Clark、Allison、ZF Transmission and parts,
*  美国Ge电子控制元件的供应及维修;
GE electric-control parts supply and repair,
*  美国Ottawa及Capacity港内作业拖头及备件;
Ottawa and Capacity terminal tractor and parts,
*  美国Hyster叉车备件;
Hyster forklift parts,
*  瑞典胜威(Svetruck)集装箱叉车备件;
Parts for Svetruck container handling forklift,
*  意大利FANTUZZI集装箱搬运设备及备件;
Fantuzzi container handling equipment and parts,
*  意大利BELOTTI集装箱正面吊备件;
Parts for Belotti Container Handling Stacker,
*  意大利CASAPPA液压元件;
Casappa Hydraulic Parts,
*  法国RENAULT集装箱拖头备件;
Parts for Renault Container Tractor,
*  KALMAR/SISU集装箱设备备件;
Parts for Kalmar/Sisu Container equipment,
*  瑞典SCANIA发动机备件;
Parts for Scania engine,
Parts for KOCKS Quayside Container Crane and Siemens Cables,
*  英国BOSS叉车备件;
Parts for Boss Forklift,